Investigation Team Visit Waste Water Treatment Plant

12 September 2019

Investigation Team Visit Waste Water Treatment Plant

Following the inquiry’s formal Call for Evidence in June, members of the public asked for the facility to be taken into consideration by the investigation team. The site is a concern for members of the public because of the quite potent smell which is noticeable at the QEUH.

A number of hospitals have been sited close to major wastewater treatment sites across Scotland over the years. This includes the former Southern General Hospital on which the QEUH now sits. The Shieldhall wastewater treatment site dates back to 1901.

Dr Montgomery said: “Clearly there are concerns relating to its proximity to the QEUH. If we are to fully address public confidence issues we would be remiss not to explore any health links associated with the site as part of our review.  “Smell alone will not cause an infection risk but we felt that we should look into this and any associated issues. To date, nothing of concern has been uncovered.” 

Dr Fraser added: “A second visit is being planned in September to discuss monitoring data. We also plan to visit the local recycling facility.”

Meanwhile, two leading specialists in advising on infection prevention and control in the UK have been appointed to the QEUH Independent Review.  Linda Dempster, who is a Registered Nurse and is the Head of Infection Prevention and Control at NHS Improvement and NHS England; and Dr David Jenkins, a consultant in medical microbiology and director of Healthcare Infection Prevention Limited, have both joined the team.

Billy Hare, a Professor in Construction Management, and Deputy Director of the BEAM Research Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University, was appointed to the review team in June 2019.

Dr Brian Montgomery and Dr Andrew Fraser have been appointed to investigate if the design, build, commissioning and maintenance of the QEUH and Royal Hospital for Children (RHC) has had an adverse impact on the risk of Healthcare Associated Infection.

The Co-Chairs remain keen to ensure all representative groups with an interest in the operation of the hospital are fully engaged with our work and have the opportunity to make representations.

The investigation team are conscious that there are several other reviews underway where individuals may have already provided input.

Nevertheless, the Co-Chairs consider that it is essential that all interested parties have an opportunity to have their say, and highlight any concerns they might have.

Should you or anyone you know wish to highlight any concerns relevant to the Review, you can contact the review team by email at:

or by post:

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Independent Review, PO Box 27152, Glasgow, G2 9LX

Or, should you wish to contact us anonymously, you can raise your concerns using the “report a concern tool” found on our website.

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